SHRED and Self-Efficacy

As defined by psychologist Albert Bandura, self-efficacy is the belief that one can perform novel or difficult tasks and attain desired outcomes.


Individuals with high levels of perceived self-efficacy

  • trust their own abilities in the face of adversity,
  • tend to conceptualize problems as “challenges” rather than as “threats” or “uncontrollable situations.”
  • experience less negative emotional arousal in challenging tasks
  • think in self enhancing ways
  • motivate themselves
  • show perseverance when confronted with difficult situations
  • tend to set more ambitious goals for themselves and show more effort and persistence when facing difficulties.
  • tend to have higher academic performance and lower levels of “test anxiety”
  • are more likely to become entrepreneurs


Can Self-Efficacy Be Developed?


According to Bandura and other psychologists, self-efficacy can be generated and increased through “mastery experiences.”  Bandura states that these experiences are “the most effective source of efficacy information because they provide the most authentic evidence of whether one can master whatever it takes to succeed.”


Bandura also includes vicarious experience (seeing others perform a behavior and observing the consequences of their actions) and verbal or social persuasion (someone else expressing faith in the capabilities of an individual) as additional generators of self-efficacy.


How Does SHRED Generate Self-Efficacy?


Snowboarding and skateboarding have steep learning curves and require time, skill and failure in order to eventually master. By creating fun opportunities for youth to master these skills with trained and encouraging instructors, SHRED creates an experiential learning opportunity that encompasses these three self-efficacy generators. Additionally, by providing youth continued opportunities to gain additional snowboard and skateboard progression and within our creative career workshops, we help generate greater perceptions of self-efficacy within the youth we serve. In turn, these greater perceptions can increase resilience in these individuals, a skill that will benefit them in their classrooms and communities.



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